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Latest Arab lie: "Innocent students being threatened by settlers" Truth: They had knives and were about to attack.


Work accident! Islamic Jihad member blows himself up

Work accident! Islamic Jihad member blows himself up: Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Arab Migration to the Land of Israel. Ettinger Report

From The Ettinger Report August 30th, 2019 :

Mahmoud Abbas promotes an egregious historical fabrication, claiming that the Palestinians are descendants of the original Canaanite peoples. Moreover, Mahmoud Abbas’ school curriculum – which glorifies suicide bombers – reiterates this falsified history.  It claims that the multitude of archeological findings of 3,000 year old Jewish roots in the Land of Israel “constitute an attempt to liquidate the Palestinian heritage…especially in Jerusalem… misrepresenting the city as a Zionist entity….” (6th grade Social Studies volume 1, page 24; 7th grade Social Studies volume 1, pages 61-62). However, the name “Palestine” is not related to Arab/Muslim culture.  It is a derivative of the Philistine people (Plishtim, Polshim – invaders – in Hebrew), who were expelled from the Greek Aegian Islands in 1300 BC and inv…